UPROXX Q&A With ‘Community’ Star Gillian Jacobs

You’ve seen the fawning appreciations, you’ve read the reasons why she deserves ALL the awards for her work on NBC’s Community, you’ve enjoyed the outtakes, you’ve crowned this the Internet’s most important video, and now, the one and only (future Emmy winner) Gillian Jacobs is dropping by UPROXX for a Q&A today.

Yes, THE Gillian Jacobs, who plays everyone’s favorite (basically a) “therapist” Britta Perry, will answer your queries about pizza dances, dropping out of Words with Friends games, her love of Vine, what starring in a horror comedy about a colon demon baby with Ken Marino is like, and whatever else your heart desires.

The discussion is scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. EST/12:30 p.m. PST, and will go for about an hour. Here are a couple of tips to help this all run smoothly as possible: 1) Begin your questions to Gillian with “@Gillian” or “@Gillian Jacobs” to keep things organized and allow her to find your questions easily, and 2) Feel free to load up on ahead of time, because I know all of you have something for this. UPDATE: Due to high demand, we’re gonna close the comments until an hour prior to start time. Sorry, but this Gillian is just too popular with you guys.

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