'Gilmore Girls' Creator Says Alexis Bledel Has 'Good Boobs'

A few weeks ago on “Mad Men,” noted sh-tweasel Pete Campbell had a fantasy about a woman he was lusting after (played by Alexis Bledel from “Gilmore Girls”) showing up at his office half-naked after reading about him in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. The scene resulted in many influential voices on the Internet weighing in with opinions like “ZOMG RORY GILMORE SIDEBOOB” and “WHOA RORY GILMORE” and “SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDEBOOOOOOB” All interesting takes, to be sure. Well now her former boss, “Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, has chimed in on the situation.

“I bet a lot of [Gilmore fans] were traumatized,” cracks Palladino of now-30-year-old Bledel’s mini-striptease. “You have to admit – they were good boobs. And they were real. And very nicely shaped. If I had t–s like that I would walk around with no shirt on, I’m going to be very honest. So I would say to Alexis, ‘Never put your shirt on again.'” [TV Line]

So there you have it. “Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino thinks Alexis Bledel has great boobs and should be naked more often. But before we close the book on the whole thing, I’d just like to bring up one issue I had with the scene: That’s Pete Campbell’s fantasy? That someone would read about him in the New York Times Magazine? Not, like, that he would win MVP of a streetball tournament after doing a ton of awesome dunks, or that he’s a mysterious playboy billionaire zippng around Monaco in a classic convertible? Jesus Christ, what a pretentious jackass. That might even make me hate him as much as the slimy sh-t he pulled the other week with the Jaguar account.

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