The ‘Girls’ Bus Tour Is Here To Introduce Yokels To The Real Brooklyn!

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03.07.14 11 Comments

Very soon you’ll be able to visit all of your favorite locations from HBO’s Girls thanks to the fine folks at On Location Tours. That’s right! Plans are in motion to create a bus tour to the various locations made famous by Lena Dunham and company, just like those Sex And The City bus tours you’ve seen used as plot points in Aaron Sorkin dramedies. From New York Daily News:

“We’ve been thinking of planning one because we’re so strong on movie-based tours,” said On Location Tours Pres. Georgette Blau, adding that if all goes as planned tourists could be heading to Brooklyn and beyond by the fall.

The circuit would focus on everything from Greenpoint’s coffee outpost Café Grumpy, where Lena Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath once slung lattes, to a Bushwick warehouse where Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) accidentally smokes crack.

Clearly I don’t watch Girls and aside from one poorly typed joke in an article many moons ago, I don’t particularly cry foul over the show. I do love the response it gets from both sides because I picture Dunham and friends lighting fifty dollar bills on fire at the Gloria Estefan concert.

But the reason I bring this all up is because I wonder when a TV/movie tour is going to cater to the shows I watch and love. On Location Tours covers shows like Gossip Girl and classic films, but they rarely seem to overlap with my interests.

Where is speedy tour of downtown Baltimore and the famous locales from The Wire? How about a moonshine tour of the hills in Kentucky like you might find in Justified? You’d make a killing setting up a Breaking Bad tour and probably change a few lives by offering Orange Is The New Black tours of prison.

Get on this, folks. I’d gladly fork over half a pension to see the place where McNulty banged that Waitress in his car. Or the corner where Bodie stood his ground for the last time. I’ll just be sure to hide my wedding up my ass or something.

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