Not Even Glenn Howerton Knows If Dennis Is Returning To ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’


There’s a lot of hand wringing amongst It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans about the show’s future as its stars continue to branch out into other projects that seem to be taking them away from Paddy’s Pub. Charlie Day’s movie career is picking up, Kaitlin Olson is starring in Fox’s The Mick, and Rob McElhenney is directing a Minecraft movie. Worst of all, many believe Glenn Howerton’s iconic Dennis character may have left the series for good so the actor can concentrate on NBC’s AP Bio comedy.

Sunny‘s 12th season ended with Dennis leaving for North Dakota, and since then we’ve been freaking out that this is the last we’ll see of him. Howerton hasn’t been all that reassuring in previous comments on the situation, and now he’s back to slap down headlines that are claiming he will indeed return to the show.

So to summarize: Howerton doesn’t know if Dennis will be back, but if he was he wouldn’t tell us because that’d be a spoiler. But don’t think Dennis leaving is just a cheap cliffhanger, because it’s not! It’s all ambiguous. Maybe that’s because he will be gone, and maybe it’s just for dramatic purposes. To me, the best news is that regardless of whether It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will be Dennis free or not, Howerton is still on board for the writing process and AP Bio isn’t the deciding factor on his participation.