Watch This Man Turn The ‘Golden Girls’ Theme Into A Thing Of Pure, Tear-Inducing Beauty

You may remember Finally Aaron, the man in the video you’re about to see, from four months ago, when he uploaded a short video of himself providing additional vocals to the the Golden Girls theme. While that song is perfection in itself — no one before Finally Aaron could make it better and that’s a #FACT — what he did to it took one of TV’s most beloved tunes and turned it into something one could comfortably listen to in church and think “yes, this is a wonderful offering to whatever deity I worship.”

But his first clip wasn’t enough. 15 seconds? That’s nothing! Where’s the full song? Was Finally Aaron going to ever unleash it upon us like a long-awaited torrential rain after a long and painful drought? Hallelujah, halleujah: As Jezebel points out, Aaron has finally answered everyone’s prayers and dropped a full-length version of the theme, providing backup vocals that would put your most talented friend to shame (Yep, the one that auditioned for American Idol. Show them this video and then just stand there watching to see what they’ll do. Probably angrily flip their hair or something, am I right?)

You ready? Because what you’re about to see defies description. It’s not a tribute. It’s not a remix. It’s an experience like no other. And if Betty White has any sense, she’s calling up her manager right now, demanding that Aaron be flown to her house immediately to sing this song over and over as she showers him with dollar bills and sets up a recording contract for him.