The 2013 Golden Globe Awards Live Thread

Before we jump into the live thread details I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the irony in The Golden Globes selecting — without hyperbole — the perfect comedy duo to host their awards show while continuing to showcase their world-renowned ineptitude when it comes to recognizing comedy with their actual awards. And it’s all on NBC, no less. Just spectacular.

So yeah, the Golden Globes are this Sunday and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are your perfect hosts. Last year we had a ton of fun during Ricky Gervais’s LAST stint so I can only imagine this year we’ll triple — dare I say quadruple? — the good times. The Globes are still the best awards show for several reasons, namely: booze, apathy, the intermingling of film and television, and the lack of worthless categories like Sound Mixing (apologies, sound mixing professionals). Did I mention the hosts have already given us a Golden Globe drinking game and killer reaction GIF? Like I said, the BEST awards show. Except for that whole Comedy/Musical thing.

We welcome you to join us this Sunday evening at 8PM EST (7PM EST if you prefer fashion > football) as we once again live blog the ever living sh*t out of this thing. Right here. In this post. Film nominees here. Television nominees here. Those are them. Swear. Let the snarkiness begin!