Aaron Paul Called The Mother Of The ‘Breaking Bad’ Costume Kids Who Everyone Hates

Remember the Breaking Babies? Yeah, they’re the best, except to mothers, who think they’re the worst. After “Meredith” uploaded a photo of her two kids dressed as Breaking Bad‘s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to Facebook, a picture that Aaron Paul later shared on his Instagram, she received “attacks on her skills as a parent.” One high and mighty blogger wrote, “But come on, what’s the kid telling his friends? I’m a meth dealer for Halloween! Not cool, parents. Poor kid,” while a probably high commenter responded, “You nanny-state TWIT.”

Anyway, “Meredith” spoke to HuffPo about the dumbest of uproars, and how Aaron Paul actually called her.

“I’m a stay-at-home mom, and a huge source of joy for me is taking pictures of my kids,” she told HuffPost by phone. “The boys have never been exposed to Breaking Bad.”

For the record, her older son will not be Jesse Pinkman for Halloween; he is going trick-or-treating as a giraffe. Dressing the boys up as Breaking Bad characters was simply a joke. She had recently fallen in love with the show, watching it at night as she stayed up with her colicky newborn, and she thought dressing them as characters Walt and Jesse would be perfect. Her husband agreed, and after work one day, the family took the boys to have some fun playing dress-up in the park.

Reactions ranged from the completely positive to the excessively harsh. Some people claimed to be the boys’ parents, but Meredith really started to worry when the commentariat started trying to identify the kids. She contacted Paul’s publicist to ask him to remove the negative comments. But in the nearly two weeks the picture had been visible to the public, some bloggers and websites had concluded from the photo that it reflected poorly on her parenting skills.

Meredith told HuffPost that Paul called her on Thursday afternoon to apologize, but to reaffirm that he really enjoyed the photo. The photo was removed from his Instagram account at around the same time. (Via)

The only “job” more damaging to this great country of ours than meth kingpin: stay-at-home mom.

(Via Huffington Post)