‘Gotham’ Clip Gives More Backstory For Proto-Joker Jerome

Jerome confronts the blind fortune-teller he recently learned is his father in this clip from next Monday’s episode of Gotham, “The Last Laugh,” and provides more backstory about his messed-up childhood in the circus. In the episode, a magic show at a charity gala turns into a hostage situation involving Jerome as a ringleader holding a knife to Bruce Wayne’s throat. They’re really trying to make us believe this grinning, chaotically-homicidal teenager grows up to become the Joker.

The actor (Cameron Monaghan) is a comic book fan, and his portrayal of Jerome certainly shows a Brian Bolland influence (and a Heath Ledger influence, which is probably unavoidable).

I still suspect he’s not really the Joker, and I think he’ll disappear after a couple more episodes (although they’d be stupid to kill him off, considering he and Robin Lord-Taylor are the most interesting parts of this batsh*t crazy show). Just spitballing here, but I’m betting Commissioner Essen is still alive and will reappear triumphant in the next episode to eventually catch Jerome and throw him in Arkham, where he can conveniently escape in time for the season finale cliffhanger or some such. Or maybe she’ll just spit in his mouth again…

(Via EW)