Harley Quinn Is Bringing Mayhem To ‘Gotham’ Earlier Than Expected

Gotham continues to be a bonkers show, and — now that their proto-Joker has returned — it’s only fitting that the long-promised Harley Quinn finally arrives. Last August, executive producer John Stephens said Harley Quinn wasn’t being introduced to Gotham yet because Suicide Squad was still in theaters, but he also teased that we may have already seen the eventual Harley. Now Stephens is speaking about Harley again, with more specificity this time.

Stephens told TV Guide we may be seeing Harley in the season three finale later this year, with her arrival being a launching point for season four. Hopefully that means Jerome will still be around for more than three episodes. Speaking of which, Fox has released a couple of teaser videos for the next two episodes, and there’s at least one spoiler in there. Spoiler alert: Jerome almost definitely cuts off Dwight’s (David Dastmalchian) face and wears it as a mask while addressing Dwight’s fellow cult members. Because it wouldn’t be a Frankenstein reference if the resurrected man didn’t turn on the guy who electrocuted him back to life.

The next episode of Gotham, “Smile Like You Mean It”, airs Monday, January 23rd at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

(Via TV Guide [1, 2] and Screen Rant)