‘Gotham’ Has A New, And Dryly Funny, Viral ‘News’ Website

Lately, it’s been a fad among marketing departments to launch an in-universe news blog to feature the goings-on outside of the show or movie. Often they’re better than the movie itself, although we hope Gotham‘s version, the Gotham Chronicle, bucks the trend.

The Gotham Chronicle is mostly notable because whoever’s writing it is something of a smart-ass. For example, here’s a new picture from the show, with its headline:

Oh, really? Also sprinkled among the smart-assery are tidbits about the show. Jim Gordon’s origin has been changed; now, instead of being from Chicago, he’s the son of a famous Gotham DA. His war hero past is still intact, so we’re assuming at some point Flass gets a handicap. Similarly, he’s not married to his first wife, only engaged, and considering his second wife is also part of the cast, we can see that causing more than a little friction.

In all, it’s some interesting stuff and we’re sure more will be added as panels arrive and secrets are revealed. We just hope they keep up the tone, because, really, Gotham could use a comedian who isn’t also a homicidal maniac.