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All I want for Christmas

If you’re wondering why there are so many extra H’s on the “GUH” in the headline, it’s because Spencer Pratt has recorded a single.  Yes, the same Spencer Pratt from “The Hills” and the upcoming “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.”  And this is going to surprise you, but the chorus of the song goes “I’m a celebrity/Get me out of here.”  Why, it’s almost like this song is meant to promote his new show!

In the song, Pratt is not shy to express his appreciation for his ‘haters’ rapping, “Countin’ on the haters everyday to keep me goin’, because without the haters, baby, I would be no one.” Pratt goes on to explain, “America hates me, ’cause the media loves me.”

Pratt also flaunts his financial success saying, “MTV made me President Rich,” a claim which is supported by reports that Pratt makes $65,000 per episode, bringing his yearly salary to approximately $1.2 million a year. What does Spencer spend the money on? “You know how the swag goes, Bentleys and Lambos,” he boasts in the song. [source]

Hey, is anyone else’s eyelid twitching?  If that didn’t make you ill enough, you can actually listen to the song here.  I made it through 45 seconds.  My mouth got really dry and I thought I was about to burp up some stomach acid, so I had to stop.  And my skin is still crawling several minutes later.  But other than that it’s really good.

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