Guillermo Del Toro Cast Charlie Day For ‘Pacific Rim’ Because Of His ‘Always Sunny’ Rat-Killing Speech

Charlie Day dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote Pacific Rim and the filming of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s 100th episode plus the show’s move over to the new FXX network. In the midst of all this he managed to work in being “falsely” accused of soiling his seat on an airplane AND confirmed the kick ass story that our friend Bobby Big Wheel put on my radar just the other day: Guillermo del Toro cast Charlie Day in Pacific Rim because he loved his rat killing speech from “Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats.”

As you may remember del Toro “enhanced” an episode of Sunny this past season, and is clearly a huge fan of the show. Casting based off enjoyment had from his couch only furthers my suspicions that the man may spend some time in our comments section.

Start the below clip around the 2:45 for my favorite casting anecdote of 2013 as well as some Sunny season nine info from Charlie Day himself. Start at the beginning for all the plane pooping accusations. I think Bird Law may come into play.

There’s not a great “King of the Rats” monologue clip out there anywhere (although I’m sure most of you have it memorized) so instead please enjoy this behind-the-scenes Charlie Kelly rat bash instructional video.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Banner image via.