Watch This Guy Get Punked By A Massive Blue Whale With A Sick Sense Of Humor

Yesterday, BBC One’s Earth Unplugged released a promotional video for their series introduction, and the results immediately went viral. Zoologist Mark Carwardine completely lost his cool while speaking to the camera about the difficulty of spotting the world’s largest whale. He’s discussing the blue whale, of course, and he perhaps spoke too soon. Although what happened next did make for some potentially good television.

As Carwardine swore off his chances of discovering a blue whale, on or off camera, one of these animals decided there wasn’t a better time for an official entrance. This attention-seeking whale may have been surrounded by all the water in the ocean, yet he was still thirsty enough for his closeup. The whale isn’t even the best part of the video. Nope, the more entertaining party is the guy’s reaction. Something about gigantic whales inspires freakout city in unsuspecting humans.

Earth Unplugged also just announced #EarthOnLocation, which shall gather eyewitness and professional fascinating stories from across the globe (in friendly hashtag form).

(Via BBC Earth Unplugged)