05.18.10 9 years ago 13 Comments

Oh man, I could look at this picture all day. Sad-faced Jay Leno getting one of his vintage cars towed because it broke down. Photographer Ted Soqui snapped this and wrote:

Forgot to post this image of the “Tonight Show” host, Jay Leno, with his broken down 1963 Porsche on Mulholland Drive a couple of weeks ago. Was riding my bicycle with my bike club, The L.A. Wheelmen, when we came across Jay and his Porsche. He told me his fuel pump gave out.

That makes me want to move to Los Angeles and just drive around the hills hoping to see Leno getting his car towed, just so I could stop and be like, “Hey Mr. Leno, do you need any assistance?” And he’d probably be gracious and decline, so then I’d say, “Hey dickhead, I wasn’t offering you help. I just asked if you needed it because leaving you here would feel even better if you did.” And then I’d peel off.

Of course, I’d have to throw it into reverse and come back to tell him “P.S. — the denim-on-denim only makes you look like an average joe if you’re not wearing an exorbitant watch while standing next to your Porsche. Die in a chemical fire.”

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