Hahaha Midwesterners Are Fat

10.12.10 7 years ago 11 Comments

This Thursday, Bravo is rolling out its sixth (ugh) “Real Housewives” franchise, which will document the facelifted catfights of Beverly Hills. The New York Times interviewed Bravo’s mastermind Andy Cohen about the new series, and the highlight was clearly this:

Q. You haven’t ventured into the Midwest yet. Why not?

A. I’m from St. Louis. I know the real housewives of St. Louis, and I don’t necessarily want to see them on TV. Please don’t let that be a slam on my hometown because it’s my favorite place.

I lived in southern Illinois for five years, and that dude speaks the truth (except for the “favorite place” part). You’d be hard-pressed to find another geographic region where the attractiveness of the population declines so precipitously after the age of 20 or so (some people get fat during college, others get fat after marriage and kids, but everyone gets fat). I guess “cheese curds and church” isn’t the exercise formula to get women on TV. Unless they have 16 kids.

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