Hannibal Buress Performed A Fur Coat Pimp Walk And Trolled A Vegan PETA Protest

Hannibal Buress’ new Comedy Central show called Why? is still in its infancy but works some genius subterfuge. No wonder this guy is too busy for the Full House reboot.

Hannibal attended a PETA protest with potentially disastrous intentions. He was perfectly polite, even as one vegan promised a better sex life if he’d clear animal carcasses out of his bod. Hannibal tested the pure, clean waters: “Are you the Black Panthers of animal protesting?” To his muted surprise, the interviewee unironically labelled PETA “the Martin Luther King of animals.”

Hannibal was not deterred by the group’s seriousness. He poked the bear of propriety with an innocent question: “Animals think other animals are delicious, so why shouldn’t I think they’re delicious?” No, Hannibal doesn’t have time to watch PETA documentaries because “I haven’t even watched Game of Thrones yet!” One vegan outright told Hannibal he wasn’t a very tasteful person, and she’d never hang out with him in real life.

Sh*t gets real when Hannibal cracks furry-sex jokes to a man dressed like an elephant. He then offers hypothetical millions for these people to eat bacon and eggs or a chicken McNugget on a private plane. All of the protestors lie through their oil-pulled teeth except for one enterprising soul, who knows $50 million for a chunk of chicken is totally worth it. Especially if there’s no rule against regurgitation.

Stick around for the fur coat pimp walk.

(via Comedy Central)