Bryan Fuller Gave Some Hopeful Insight Into ‘Hannibal’s Future Away From NBC

After Bryan Fuller took home the Best Network TV Series prize for Hannibal at last month’s Saturn Awards, the showrunner enlightened the folks at Digital Spy with further details about the show’s possible future:

“The studio [NBC] had asked me what the scope of season four is, so they could prepare production proposals for potential distribution partners. That’s where we essentially left it. It’s all still unfolding as we speak.”

These proposals, according to Fuller, will be helpful in dictating how many future episodes they do. He further discussed the possibility of future seasons being cut down from 13 episodes to maybe nine or 10 because, “Tightening up the story and shoring up the narrative by three episodes is exciting. It can make things tighter and move quicker.”

From day one of the series’ inception, Bryan Fuller has expressed an enduring excitement about the show, knowing full well it could end its run on NBC at any time. Here’s hoping that positive energy — and those dang proposals — will keep Thomas Harris’ dreams alive on the small-screen for years to come.

(Via Digital Spy)