Happy Birthday Katee Sackhoff! Watch Her First Screen Credit As A Teen Mom In A Kirsten Dunst TV Movie

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04.08.14 6 Comments

I’m an insane fan of Katee Sackhoff, an obsession that began with Battlestar Galactica, grew after the Riddick movies, and turned borderline stalkery after her Nerdist appearance, in which she talked about her hilarious, sexually-explicit one-time stab at stand-up comedy. She’s also the only reason I watch Longmire, and I’d though probably watch Oculus this weekend because Karen Gillan is in it, Sackhoff guarantees is. Sackhoff turns 34 today, and as you can see here, she still looks insanely good naked.

Sackhoff officially entered the business when she was 18, way back in 1998. It’d be five more years before she broke out in BSG, although like everyone of her generation, she also appeared on MTV’s Undressed. But her first role was that of a teen mom in Fifteen and Pregnant, a terrible looking TV movie that starred Kirsten Dunst in that crappy, middle part of her early career between Interview with a Vampire and Virgin Suicides. In the film, Sackhoff plays a cautionary tale: A teen mom warning Kirsten Dunst’s character about how miserable it is to work two dead-end jobs to afford a $250 a month childcare payment (A MONTH? I want that babysitter).

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