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Today’s the 234th anniversary of the day that the Continental Congress first issued the order for two battalions of Marines, sparking  the recruiting process at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. Since that day the Marine Corps has grown a great deal, lost the powdered wigs, and added helicopters, but the ass-kicking attitude and selfless service to country have stayed the same. To anyone who has proudly worn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor: happy birthday.

Ordinarily, today’s the day where I take a break from relevant news to tell you about giants of the Corps like John Bobo and John Basilone and even my old classmate Brian Chontosh, but in keeping with the TV theme — and my soft spot for animals — I’ve embedded a couple clips from last night’s Conan featuring Major Brian Dennis and his dog Nubs. Dennis befriended Nubs — named because an Iraqi cut his ears off as a puppy — while patrolling the Syrian border in Iraq and helped nurse him back to good health after the dog was stabbed in the side with a screwdriver. After Dennis patrolled the area for the last time, Nubs followed Dennis and his unit back over 70 miles to the Marine camp.

If these clips don’t make you want to salute the flag while hugging a puppy, just go away. I don’t even want to look at you.

Photo via ABC News. Video of Dennis on “Ellen” last year here.

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