Celebrate Galentine’s Day By Giving These ‘Parks And Rec’ Cards To Your Best Gal

“Every February 13, I throw a banquet to celebrate my lady friends, independent of any relationships they may or may not be in. It’s a fun self-esteem builder for you and your lady friends.”

/finds unopened Ziggy quote-a-day calender he got for Christmas

Today is February 13th! Happy Galentine’s Day, gals. To celebrate the day that puts the “day” in “holiday,” or something, here are some of the finest fan-made cards to show your appreciation for your favorite BFF. “You are so brilliant and kind and stupid-hot” is a much better message than Ur the WoOoRrRsSsTtT.

Cards via It Came with the Frame, Dear Fatty, Hurry Up with My Damn Croissants, Gab Bottoni