HBO Is Just Straight-Up Making Shows About Porn Now

01.07.14 12 Comments

Between shows like Game of Thrones, True Blood, and Girls, HBO is already no stranger to risque subject matter and gratuitous nudity, so I suppose this is just the next logical step: the premium cable network plans to remake the French porn comedy, Hard.

Variety describes the show as a “dark comedy that revolves around a Brentwood housewife who inherits her husband’s failing porn company” and is “challenged to manage a business and her dueling lives, which she shares with her coffee-clatch friends,” which makes the whole thing sound kind of like the porn version of Weeds. Oh, hello there, web searcher who just typed in the phrase “the porn version of Weeds.” No, this isn’t an article about a Weeds porn parody. I apologize for the confusion. In any case, we’re happy to have you. Welcome to UPROXX. Please, stay, click around the site for a bit, especially the advertisements for fine, quality products and services that you see surrounding this text.

Below, please find a subtitled trailer for the original French series. It’s not all that safe for work, but, I mean, you’re already reading an article with “French Porn” and “Hard” in the URL, so you’re probably screwed by now as it is. Why not make it worth it, right?

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