HBO Renews 'Girls,' Also Known By Some as 'One of the Best Shows Ever'

Despite tepid ratings (and that’s a generous assessment), HBO has decided to renew its two new shows, “Veep” and “Girls.” “Veep,” Armando Iannucci political satire, is something of a no-brainer: It’s inarguably hilarious, and weirdly accurate. For instance, the vetting process that went into the VP choosing what flavor of yogurt to have in Sunday’s episode is something that’d actually happen. I don’t mean to offend you if you’re mentally handicapped, but if you don’t like “Veep,” you’re probably a little fuzzy in the head. I hope those Short Bus rides aren’t too hard on your scoliosis.

But why “Girls”? I mean, besides the fact that more copy has been devoted to the show in the last three weeks than probably any other new show this season. Seriously: Every jackass on the Internet (including myself) has written an extensive think piece on what’s great or wrong about “Girls.” The show may only have one million viewers so far, but it’s a VERY vocal one million viewers, which means HBO’s name is being written down on some blog 4,785,342 times a week. That’s great for the brand.

Personally, I think it’s a solid show that’s getting even better, but I won’t get into it too much because you guys — and by you guys, I mean the Warming Glow commentarati — can get a little goon-y, start throwing around the “C” word, and then I get a little red in the face and I feel an embolism start to come on. But hey: A lot of folks that were hesitant at first are starting to come around, even Uproxx Godfather Cajun Boy. What’s perhaps most surprising is Jimmy Kimmel’s opinion of the show:

Lena Dunham’s response was my take as well: Jimmy Kimmel loves “Girls”? What? The former host of “The Man Show”? He thinks it’s one of the best shows ever? Of course, Kimmel’s old fan base is just the type that would throw around the “C” word, so maybe some of you should give it a fair shot instead of pissing and moaning about how unsightly you think Lena Dunham is. Or, here’s some nudie photos of Sofia Vergara. You can think about her while you’re watching Lena Dunham have sex. Go to town.

Here’s a screenshot of Allison Williams masturbating. You’re welcome.