A Christian Pastor Lost His Mind While Watching MTV’s Satanic ‘Wonder Showzen’

For two beautiful years, MTV2 somehow got away with airing Wonder Showzen, John Lee and Vernon Chatman’s brilliantly insane spoof of children’s shows like Sesame Street. The list of talent that dropped by the series over its sixteen episodes, including Jon Glaser, Will Arnett, David Cross, Amy Poehler, Corin Tucker, and Zach Galifianakis, brought a lot of people in, and the show’s DON’T EAT MY BABY content kept even more people out.

Including, shockingly, a Christian pastor named Daniel Castle. In the video below, entitled “MTV’s Satanic Wonder Showzen,” Pastor Castle tries to explain “one of the most evil shows and spiritual exploitation of children I have ever seen,” and fails. (The uploader goes by “savedbyjesusblood,” who you might remember from such YouTube masterpieces as “What’s Up Google?” and “21st March 2013 – The World of Coca Cola.”) The clip actually went live last year, but considering it’s only been viewed 22,000 times, it needs more attention. “God has killed himself…”

Via The Daily Banter