Heidi Klum Took A Spill During A Musical Number On ‘America’s Got Talent’

America’s Got Talent isn’t a show that’s typically on our radar here at Uproxx, unless something happens like say, a flaming arrow trick goes horribly wrong, a 13-year-old girl burns Donald Trump, or a nonagenarian strips for the audience. Of course, in lieu of any of those types of acts, we’ll also take it when someone eats it on stage, which is exactly what happened during a live holiday spectacular Monday night.

The two hour special featured past winners, competitors, and celebrity guests performing various acts, including judge Heidi Klum, who sang a duet of “Santa Baby” with Sal “The Voice” Valentinetti. Klum somehow managed being lowered down to the stage on a giant candy cane without incident, but unfortunately her long, flowing red dress paired with high heels spelled disaster.

About halfway into the tune, Valentinetti gave Klum a spin but her heel got caught in her dress and she tumbled to the floor. Amazingly, she was able to quickly recover, singing her next verse from where she landed, before getting helped back up to her feet by Valentinetti. Hey, if you’ve got to fall and embarrass yourself on live television, the very least any of us could hope for is to look as good as Heidi Klum while doing it.