Heidi Klum’s Favorite Contestant On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Has A Pretty Gross Skill

Heidi Klum, supermodel extraordinaire and one of the world’s most beautiful people, can make pretty much anything sound sexy. It’s kind of her job. However, some things are disgusting any way you slice them. Klum is a host on America’s Got Talent, and last night on The Tonight Show, she revealed that one of her favorite contestants so far is Stevie Starr, a guy who can swallow various items and then barf (“regurgitate” if you feel like using an SAT word) them back up without harm to himself or the object. I’m not sure how you’d explain “Professional Regurgitator” in the skills section on a resume, but everyone’s good at something, right?

Here’s Starr in action:

While his talent is pretty gross, Klum’s awe is not unfounded. While this may not seem like the most marketable skill, Starr sells it like a pro. I mean, the sparkly vest and endearing dance moves are enough for the price of admission. He may not have the staying power to win the whole competition, but Starr’s charm and weirdness factor will probably make him an audience favorite as well and keep him around for a while.

Side note: Klum’s impression of Mel B is spot on.