Here Are Five Other Bloody, Bullet-Ridden, Non-Comedic Roles Glenn Howerton Played Prior To Last Night’s ‘Fargo’

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Last night friend of UPROXX Glenn Howerton made his debut on FX’s spectacular new dramatic series Fargo. You can read Danger’s write up of last night’s episode here, but according to Twitter, Howerton’s performance as a bronzed personal trainer is already garnering rave reviews.

Since most people know Howerton primarily from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, his recent stint on The Mindy Project and — to a lesser, more ironic extent — That 80’s Show, I thought it would be fun to take a look back and revisit some of his other prior dramatic roles.

So, come on and jump on down the rabbit hole with me, but just be aware that the statute of limitations on internet spoilers runs out somewhere around five years. Pretty sure I read that somewhere.


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The Strangers, 2008

I have not seen this movie because watching scary movies about home invasions with people wearing creepy masks fall somewhere between having blood drawn and going on job interviews on the scale of things that make me uncomfortable. But according to the Wikipedia page for the movie, he plays the friend who get shot in the head, as evidenced by the following clip:



Crank, 2006 — Crank 2: High Voltage, 2009

In the first installment of Crank, Glenn plays a doctor that Crank holds at gunpoint to force him to shock him with a defibrillator to keep his bionic heart going. It’s a very serious movie.

In Crank: High Voltage, he accidentally gets shot in the head while recounting his harrowing experience to a sexy therapist, also due to Crank-related incident.


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Serenity, 2005

In the big screen adaptation of Firefly, Glenn once again gets shot in the head — this time by Captain Mal Reynolds — after being left behind during a Reaver attack.


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Must Love Dogs, 2005

In John Cusack’s not-so-great-sounding romantic comedy, Glenn Howerton gets — wait for it — shot in the head. Haha JK, but that would be awesome if he did.



ER, 2003

Somewhere around the middle of ER‘s run, Howerton did a six episode stint playing “Dr. Nick Cooper.” I literally cannot find a single thing about this character on the internet, and even the IMDB character page reads: “This character biography is empty. Please add a character biography by clicking here.” So unfortunately, I cannot confirm or deny whether or not whether or not Dr. Nick Cooper ended his run with a shot to the head.

At any rate, while we don’t know what’s in store for Glenn’s character, Don Chumph, on the already ultra violent Fargo — I think it’s safe to assume that his character wins the lottery and moves to Hawaii.*

(*Where he is then shot in the head in a freak convenience store robbery.)

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