Here Are Two Women Drinking Donkey Semen. Happy Monday

Over the winter break, you may recall that NBC made the decision to bring back “Fear Factor” for a limited run because the world had apparently gone long enough without seeing Joe Rogan on television (despite modest ratings, NBC nevertheless did not renew “Fear Factor” because there’s only so much Joe Rogan the world can contain). You may also recall that, during “Fear Factor’s” brief run, there was a challenge that NBC — after seconds and seconds of intense soul searching — decided not to run. It involved contestants drinking donkey semen. Donkey spunk. Equine splooge. Then they chased it with urine because, obviously.

Thank GOD the television executives over in Denmark apparently have no such souls to search, as they felt no compunction about airing it. Speaking of soulless, TMZ has the video. The women who won the challenge are surprisingly adept at drinking what Rogan calls simply, “protein and cells.” It is easier when there’s no pubic hair with which to contend.

Here’s the video evidence. Drink it in, folks.