Update: Now There Is A Rap Song About The Guy Fieri Lamborghini Thief

Well now this just getting ridiculous.

Here is a very NSFW tribute song about Max Wade, the teenager who allegedly stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini and was responsible for a one-man crime spree across California (and whose friends tried to break out of juvy with a sledgehammer), by two rappers named Brilliant and Timbalias. According to this Tumblr post one of the two is friends with Wade, although I haven’t been able to find confirmation of that anywhere so far. Here’s something I can confirm for you: this song is terrible. Basically they just recite all the crap he allegedly stole and the “potpourri of gadgetry” that was found in his storage locker, then they grunt and growl a bunch. It sounds like Ja Rule rapping a police report. D-.

Also — and this goes for all of you, not just Mr. Brilliant and Mr. Timbalias — if a friend of yours gets arrested for a long list of crimes including Lamborghini theft, impersonating a police officer, and shooting at someone from the back of a speeding motorcycle, DO NOT MAKE A TRIBUTE VIDEO WHERE YOU RAP IN FRONT OF A LAMBORGHINI, DRESS UP LIKE A POLICE OFFICER, AND THREATEN TO HARM THE PERSON HE SHOT AT. That will not help him. Not even a little. In fact, it will probably do the opposite, because you are pretty much telling everyone he did all those things. If you want to help, just, like, bring him some cookies or something.

In conclusion, it is amazing that all of this nonsense started with Guy Fieri — GUY FIERI — getting his Lamborghini stolen.

Thanks to hippoterritory for the tip