Here’s A GIF Of Ron Swanson Getting His Hair Ruffled By A Cartoon Cat (And The Morning Links)

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02.19.13 2 Comments

Not just any cartoon cat, actually, but Pussyfoot. Good job, Internet. (Via)

Man On Internet Has Spent A LOT Of Time ‘Researching’ Porn — (UPROXX)

Seattle News Station Got Three People High And Gave Them A Driving Test, Because Of Journalism — (WG)

Uproxx Video: “In Foley We Trust” — (Film Drunk)

Stupid Ring Girl: The Prequel — (With Leather)

Peter Dinklage May Bring His Robot Army To X-Men: Days Of Future Past — (Gamma Squad)

10 People Who Need To Be Punched In The Face — (Smoking Section)

The NFL’s New Aptitude Test Revealed — (KSK)

20 Facts About The West Wing That Will Make You Stand There In Your Wrongness — (Pajiba)

21 People Having Too Much Fun With Nature — (Huffington Post)

These New Cigarette Warnings Seem a Little Sarcastic — (College Humor)

6 Weird Gifts President Obama Has Received — (Mental Floss)

Remember that Cool Slo-Mo Song from Dredd? — (Unreality Mag)

When Animals Attack — (The High Definite)

MIT Developing New ‘Alcohol Busting’ Super Drug That Will Sober You Up in Seconds — (Bro Bible)

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