Here’s An Official Look At Daredevil In His Full Red Costume

If you have been able to ignore the pull to watch Daredevil on Netflix despite the avalanche of praise and the flood of chatter on social media about the show; resistant to its charms until you see Ol’ Hornhead in his full red-suited glory, then allow us to push you past the tipping point, because here he is.

Pretty great, right? I liked the first look that we got, but it’s much better when you can see the full suit in that world.

Presently, I’m stuck on episode seven because my wife believes that her boss won’t understand if she takes a personal day to finish binge watching a show, so this is my first glance too and I am super curious about how and when the upgrade occurs because I am a massive nerd who needs costume origin stories as well.

Source: EW