Here’s Dave Chappelle’s Full Letterman Interview, Complete With Funny & Insightful Thoughts On Money

Last night Andrew shared the Chappelle-Letterman preview clip where Dave and Dave briefly touch on the whole quitting Comedy Central/extended hiatus thing (Note: The first minute above is from the preview and the rest gets going from there). Now the full clip is available and the full interview is even more compelling, and not just because of how much I enjoy Chappelle ironically addressing “Dave” in a manner that’s not him impersonating one of his friends.

It’s because once they get past the whole obligatory “Why’d you leave?” bit things transition to a more interesting subject: Money. More specifically, what it’s like to pass on the truckload of money Chappelle passed on, and if there’s really a difference between being rich and being really rich. Also: Wesley Snipes jokes.