Here’s Nearly 11 Minutes Of 1980s-Tastic ‘Double Dare’ Prizes

If I had discovered a Genie when I was seven years old, and he granted me three wishes (as it’s written in the landmark case of Shaq v. Genie), I wouldn’t have asked for world peace, or a million dollars, or to go back in time to kill Hitler — no, I wanted to go on Nickelodeon’s Double Dare. Marc Summers was my everything. Which is why I’m stoked that Everything Is Terrible put together a supercut of nearly 11 MINUTES of Double Dare prizes. All your forgotten favorites are here, like this hunk of junk:

And who could forget this thing:

And the game where you apparently squirt semen into your opponent’s face:

And the worst prize a young kid could ever want, a picnic basket:

I’ve never heard of this, though.

Via AV Club