Here’s A Photo Of 92-Year-Old Abe Vigoda Dressed As A Wombat At A Phish Show

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11.01.13 5 Comments

abe vigoda

There’s a lot to get into here and even more background to cover — Phish’s annual Halloween shows, Phish not covering an album in its entirety for the first time in years (ever?) at their annual Halloween show last night in Atlantic City, Phish performing their new studio album instead of etc. etc. etc, Abe Vigoda: still not dead. But all you really need to know is: Abe Vigoda, who at 92 years old is still not dead, dressed up as a wombat at a Phish concert.

vigoda tweet

Or in New York Post terms, “Fish Doesn’t Flounder at Phish Show.”

(Photo via ‏@SladeHV)

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