Hey TV Networks, Stop Making Shows About Goddam Fairy Tales

10.12.11 8 years ago 14 Comments

Below is the first promo for NBC’s “Grimm,” which re-imagines fairy tales as real-life crimes and follows the cops who try to solve the cases. The network is being sure to sell this as “From the creators of ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’…”, but considering those were niche hits on The WB and that “Grimm” will air on Friday nights (starting October 28th), NBC has pretty much already given up on it. It will be lucky to survive until the new year.

And yet, for all of its inherent suckiness, “Grimm” isn’t even the worst show based on fairy tales that will debut this season. That dishonor goes to “Once Upon a Time,” which premieres October 23rd on ABC (trailer below “Grimm’s”). It’s a mind-numbingly retarded new drama in which everyone in the modern fictional town of Storybrooke has a parallel life in which they’re living a fairy tale with terrible writing and cheap costumes and lousy special effects.

On the off chance that someone at a network is reading this: this is why viewers are leaving for cable. Because you grab whatever’s available in the public domain and make boring, lazy, stupid TV out of it. Stop it. Or don’t. Screw you. You’ll be out of business in the next ten years anyway.

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