Hollywood Turning Against Plastic Surgery?

04.26.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

Heidi Montag in 2007 and 2010

The New York Times claims that Hollywood casting directors are giving more and more roles to Brits and Aussies — not because their sexy accents turn them on, but because the plastic surgery many American actresses have makes them too much alike. From the article:

“I think everyone either looks like a drag queen or a stripper,” said Marcia Shulman, who oversees casting for Fox’s scripted shows.

Independent casting directors like Mindy Marin, who worked on the Jason Reitman film “Up in the Air,” are urging talent agents to discourage clients from having surgery, particularly older celebrities who, she contends, are losing jobs because their skin is either too taut or swollen with filler. Said Ms. Marin: “What I want to see is real.” […]

“The era of ‘I look great because I did this to myself’ has passed,” said Shawn Levy, the director and producer of “Date Night” and the “Night at the Museum” movies. “It is viewed as ridiculous. Ten years ago, actresses had the feeling that they had to get plastic surgery to get the part. Now I think it works against them. To walk into a casting session looking false hurts one’s chances.”

I can’t stand the botox trend and collagen and all that crap, but I’d hate for breast implants to get lumped in with all the other plastic surgery. Someone needs to stand up for fake tits (even though they stand up pretty well on their own). Seriously, nose jobs and facial injections are acts of vanity, but breast implants are a community service.

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