Danny Trejo, Hollywood’s Meanest Bad Ass, Is The Internet’s Kindest, Gentlest Soul

Everyone knows who Danny Trejo is. If you’ve seen more than two or three movies or television shows in your lifetime, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Danny Trejo. He is one of the most prolific actors on the planet (in fact, he’s scheduled to have TWENTY-TWO screen appearances in 2014 alone). The thing about Trejo, however, is that he almost always plays mean, take-no-sh*t Mexican villains or, in the case of the Machete films, a mean, take-no-sh*t Mexican hero. It may be typecasting, but honestly, no one plays that role better than Trejo.

But the thing about Danny Trejo is this: He’s not that guy in real life. He’s the opposite of that guy. Follow him for a few days on Twitter, and you realize that he’s a really nice, sweet guy, who is always tweeting out little nuggets of inspiration, or — as the image above demonstrates — visiting ill kids in children’s hospitals. He is seriously a good motherf***king guy, so it’s fun to play his Hollywood personae against the real Trejo (as I attempted a few years ago with a Ryan Gosling inspired “Hey Girl” meme with Trejo). It’s a lot more fun, however, to juxtapose screenshots of Trejo from his film and television roles with his actual kind-hearted tweets, as demonstrated below.

This guy is amazing.

Source: Twitter