Honest Trailers Returns To Brutalize ‘The Walking Dead’ By Pointing Out Some Obvious Flaws

02.17.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

In honor of the second half of season six of  The Walking Dead kicking off on AMC, Screen Junkies is back with an Honest Trailer set to gut zombie lovers and their preferred weekly program once again. It’s been more than two years since the first Walking Dead Honest Trailer bashed in the zombie brain of seasons one through three, now four through six gets the honest treatment we all know and love.

The big takeaway, now that we’ve been following Rick, Carl, Glen, Daryl and the whole crew for a few more years, is that it’s clear the show is more about the walking living than the walking dead. Besides, is stumbling really walking? Strutting is walking, but shuffling isn’t really walking, right? A baby that takes its first steps isn’t really walking, right? It’s just taken a step before falling over, right? By no means am I equating babies to zombies, but both babies and zombies do like to crawl/stumble over to the nearest warm-blooded being then bite them. Just being honest, much like this trailer. It doesn’t take two eyes to see that.

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