‘Hot Ones’ Is Being Turned Into Television’s Most Painful Game Show

For nearly five years now, the internet sensation Hot Ones has humanized the rich and famous in the most novel way possible: by forcing them to eat wings doused in nuclear-grade hot sauce. The best and brightest have wept and broken down, from Idris Elba to Aubrey Plaza, with only Rachael Ray able to keep her s*it. Now the show is coming for normals: As per a press release (caught by The A.V. Club), TruTV is developing Hot Ones: The Game Show, making for the most painful of its kind since Joe Rogan’s Fear Factor.

The Hot Ones game show will swap out casual, career-spanning chit-chat for trivia questions, game celebrities for everyday masochists. Teams will compete for questions, all while consuming ever-hotter chicken, making it sound like Jeopardy! crossed with Family Feud crossed with one of those Japanese game shows in which contestants are literally tortured. Each show will conclude with presumably already crying players having to guess words to put out the fire in their mouths, and to walk away with $25,000 for their numbing pain.

TruTV isn’t settling for only the game show; starting early next year, it will air in an hour-long block alongside episodes of the beloved interview originals. That means what has long been a web-only craze is going corporate, invading televisions while also confirming that game shows are enjoying a perhaps unexpected renaissance, what with the reboots of Press Your Look, Match Game, and Card Sharks, to say nothing of Jeopardy! Perhaps one day we’ll all be watching Hot Ones: The Game Show on a future iteration of Buzzr.

(Via The A.V. Club)

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