Rachael Ray Enjoyed A Thanksgiving ‘Hot Ones’ Feast Of Ridiculous Spicy Sauces

Cooking mogul Rachael Ray is made of stronger stuff than you or I. (Yes, even the portion of our readership infused with Adamantium.) This woman can ingest the spiciest of sauces like it’s butterscotch pudding tucked into a 3rd grader’s lunch and the video evidence sparkles above.

As a special Thanksgiving treat, First We Feast‘s reliable blend of interviewing, escalating hot sauces and Scoville skyscraper torture porn has invited Rachael Ray around for a round of chatting and mouth burning. Unlike previous participants like Kevin Hart, T-Pain and Tony Hawk, this week’s guest elects to mainline the stuff. No chicken wings necessary, just a spoon and determination.

Ray, who turns in a stellar performance that goes all the way to the hottest offering, also chats about her dog food recipes, the unexpected “Becky with the good hair” Beyhive backlash and Green Day’s place in her kitchen playlist. She’s friends with Green Day, don’tchaknow?

“I now have hair on my chest,” quipped Ray after taking on the Mega Death Sauce which clocks in at a whopping 550,000 on the Scoville scale. “I’m gonna go shave it before my next show.”

Sauce is ingested, tears are shed and you can practically feel the spiciness emanating from the screen. Please keep this in mind before your next moan about how tonight’s dinner made you extra drowsy. There are harder feasting gigs out there, y’know.

(Via First We Feast)