People Are Currently Streaming ‘Game Of Thrones’ More Than ‘House Of The Dragon’

HBO Max is a powerhouse right now. The release of House of the Dragon has propelled it to take 3 of the top 10 spots on Nielsen’s streaming list for the week of August 22nd to 28th, an impressive feat considering the legacy shows that still dominate that list. The Targaryen feuding series had 741M streaming minutes over 2 episodes, which gave it 6th place in the rankings. If that sounds low, it’s because the other members of the top 10 all had more episodes available for people to binge or choose from. Echoes, Netflix’s hit mystery show which debuted that week, took the top spot with 1.123 billion minutes over 7 episodes. If every episode of House of the Dragon were already out…it would be a safe bet that it would be number 1 with a bullet.

But the wildest thing is that House of the Dragon‘s popularity has given a boost to its predecessor. And with 73 episodes to crush through, Game of Thrones had the #3 slot with 909M viewing minutes. It’s easy to imagine people launching the original series after finishing that second House of the Dragon episode. All of them unprepared for that final season.

HBO Max’s third entry on the list was The Big Bang Theory with 606M viewing minutes over 265 episodes.

Calculating the streaming minutes from TV screens in the United States, Me Time — the Kevin Hart/Mark Wahlberg comedy — was the only film to make the top ten, scoring 971M minutes.

(via Deadline)