Andrew Lincoln Describing Rick Grimes’ Death Is The Greatest ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode Ever

Last week at Paleyfest, Andrew Lincoln spoke about the heroic end of his character’s run on The Walking Dead, but reading it in print doesn’t do the story nearly the justice it deserves.

This is an epic ending for Rick Grimes, as well as the series, and to feel the full impact of the story, it has to be seen to be truly appreciated. Lincoln brings so much to the story, from his charming British accent, to the hand gestures, to the overcooked Caaarrrool. It is absolutely magnificent, and maybe the funniest I have ever seen Andrew Lincoln. The audience at Paleyfest is clearly eating up every word, because it is a majestic tale of tragedy, comedy, heroism, and the twist ending the series desperately needs.

Of course, if Scott Gimple has his way, we won’t see this ending until the 20th season of The Walking Dead, after Scott Gimple suggested this week that the show could last as long as two decades, upping the previous prediction of 12 years. This comes only a few days after we suggested that the series should at least set a definitive end date. Twenty seasons would take the show into 2030, and by that time, Chandler Riggs would be pushing 30 years old, and Andrew Lincoln would be 56 years old.

However, if we get the ending Andrew Lincoln describes above, it would totally be worth it.