Hugh Laurie Is ‘Pretty Sure’ He Knows What Dr. House Would Say About COVID-19

One of my favorite things on the internet, one that I check with shocking regularity despite the show ending eight years ago, is the “most common diagnoses” page on the House wiki. Did you know that over 177 episodes, Dr. Gregory House treated 24 patients with cancer? And six with heavy metal poisoning? And two with leprosy? Leprosy!

Then again, House did take place in New Jersey, so…

The good doctor (not that one) seemingly saw it all, even lupus, but he never faced anything like the coronavirus pandemic. The actor who played him, however, shared what House might say about the situation, once he’s done yelling at Thirteen, or whatever. “I can’t speak for House, obviously – no one’s written clever words for me to say – but I’m pretty sure he’d tell you it’s not a matter of ‘solving’ Covid,” Hugh Laurie tweeted. “This is an epidemic, not a diagnostic problem. We solve it together by staying apart.” If I had a nickel every time I started a sentence, “I can’t speak for House, but…”

Laurie isn’t the only TV star who channelled their character to process what’s going on.

“Oh. My. God,” Bob Saget wrote. “I spend my day cleaning and vacuuming and sanitizing everything in the house. I have become Danny Tanner.” Have mercy. (I’m just realizing that Danny Tanner didn’t have a catchphrase. How rude.)

(Via Hugh Laurie on Twitter)