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(my daydream at the post office)

Back in March, I had the early promo trailer for “The Pacific,” HBO’s $200 million, ten-part miniseries about Marines fighting the Japanese in World War II.  Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, the story is based on the memoirs Helmet for My Pillow and With the Old Breed as well as the life of John Basilone, one of the greatest heroes in Marine Corps history.  And now that the first real trailer has hit the Internet (see video below), I can confirm that this looks as good as “Band of Brothers,” but with more sex and flamethrowers.  And “more sex and flamethrowers” is all I ever ask of life.

In case you’re skeptical, let me do the math for you: HBO + awesome military book + smart producer = badass miniseries.  See also: “Band of Brothers,” “Generation Kill.”  If you say something bad about this I will fight you.  With a flamethrower.

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