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In a “Simpsons” episode called “Eight Misbehavin’,” Apu’s wife Manjula gives birth to octuplets after Apu slips her fertility drugs.  Despite the initial media frenzy and gifts the attention brings, the new parents quickly learn that they are ill-suited to care for so many children.  They eventually turn the kids over to the zoo, where they star in a spectacle called “Octopia.”  That episode initially aired ten years ago.

In a related story, Fox has announced it will air a two-hour documentary about Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, the societal leech whose hobbies include plastic surgery and reckless in vitro fertilization.

Fox will air the special very soon — Wednesday, Aug. 19 — and says viewers will “witness the emotional struggles, physical complications and financial burdens of this single mother of 14 … including the private moments and reactions of Suleman’s family, as well as Suleman’s own feelings, doubts and fears.”

“It’s emotional, it’s compelling, you’re watching her go from miracle birth woman to tabloid fodder,” said Fox president of alternative Mike Darnell. “You don’t even need narration, it’s incredible footage. It’s a little bit of a trainwreck, and it’s really entertaining to watch.”

Golly, I hope this plucky underdog of a single mother makes it.  To Child Services.  To bankruptcy.  To hell.

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