You Can Actually Play The Egg Game From ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Season 3 Thanks To Some Computer Savvy Friends

I Think You Should Leave Season 3 has barely been available on Netflix for a week, and already, industrious fans have recreated the randomly hilarious “Eggman Game” from the new batch of sketches. In the comedy short, Tim Robinson’s character is playing a browser game at work where you simply move eggs into the mouth of an Eggman. However, there’s seemingly no rhyme or reason to how the game keeps track of eggs.

At one point, Robinson’s character buys 80 eggs, drops a few in the mouth of Eggman, and the game then tells him he only has 40 eggs left. Baffled by this turn of events, Robinson tries to shove as many eggs into Eggman’s mouth as he can while ignoring his co-workers who’ve brought an important matter to his attention. Eventually, the sketch ends when it’s revealed that feeding Eggman enough eggs will cause him to, well, show you more of Eggman than you’ve ever wanted to see.

Now, you can live that experience for yourself thanks to Matthew Barton and his friend who recreated the browser game.

The fan creation also has a charitable bent, according to Gamespot:

At the top of the screeen is the donate button. It links to two things: the Ruth Ellis Center, a shelter that specializes in “providing trauma-informed services for LGBTQ+ young people experiencing homelessness, in the child welfare system, and/or experiencing barriers to care.” The other one sends you to I Think You Should Leave actor Biff Wiff’s (Detective Crashmore/Santa, and featured in the Shirt Brother sketch in Season 3) GoFundMe page as he needs assistance with cancer treatment.

We’ve messed around with the home-brewed Eggman game, and it is absolutely has the random egg count down pat. As for the pornographic ending, we haven’t been able to recreate that… yet.

I Think You Should Leave Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

(Via Gamespot)