Netflix Thinks You Should Know When ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Is Back For Season 2

Many of the funniest shows of all-time had rough beginnings. The first seasons of The Office and Parks and Recreation are eminently skippable; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia didn’t take off until Danny DeVito joined the cast in season two; even The Simpsons occasionally struggled from the get-go. But not I Think You Should Leave.

Tim Robinson’s sketch series for Netflix was on fire from episode one. “Has This Ever Happened to You?” alone has Turbo Team, “Baby of the Year” (“I hope you f*cking die, Harley Jarvis”), Vanessa Bayer winning best hog at the hog sh*t snarfing contest, and Oscar nominee Steven Yeun and mud pies. So good — and so rewatchable.

With only six episodes so far, I Think You Should Leave was easy to memorize and became a second language of sorts among comedy fans (the memes spread far and way). But Netflix announced today that the series is coming back for season two, and it’s coming back soon. I Think You Should Leave will return for a still-unknown number of new episodes on July 6. To celebrate the announcement, the streaming service also released a video of Robinson and Detroiters co-star and real-life good buddy Sam Robinson singing a medley of some of the show’s greatest hits, including “Friday Night” and “Moon River Rock.” Watching the trailer? That is a good idea.

You can watch the premiere date announcement trailer above.

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