Ice Cold Anderson Cooper Illustrates Exactly How To Sweep The Leg Of A Twitter Troll

Anderson Cooper doesn’t just shame reporters when they approach him at wildly inappropriate times. When he’s not burning his grandmother-scented candle around the office or engaging in his cat feud with Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, the CNN anchor likes to dabble a little on Twitter.

Meanwhile, John Acker, best I can tell from the 30 seconds I gave his timeline, likes to rabble rouse. He calls out celebrities on Twitter and tries to stir sh*t. But he should not have attempted to stir sh*t with Anderson Cooper, because Cooper is known to fight back. When it’s a guy like Alec Baldwin, Cooper will engage. But this John Acker? He’s a peon. He is unworthy. He doesn’t deserve engagement, but he could use a lesson in spelling.

Now that was a familiar Twitter right hook: Take away their credibility by pointing out a spelling mistake. It’s not my favorite Twitter move, but it’s sufficiently humiliating. This response, on the other hand? Withering.

Do you feel that cool chill? That’s Anderson Cooper paying you no mind, troll. That is how you sweep the leg on Twitter, friends.