Idiotic Poll Confirms ‘American Idol’ Will Lose Viewers

08.23.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

In the United Kingdom, Cowell’s move to the British version of “The X Factor” is what killed “Pop Idol. This fall, Cowell will serve as a judge on the new American “X Factor” instead of “American Idol.” Meanwhile, Fox is still struggling to find three people — ANY three people! Are you busy? — to be the new “Idol” judges, and the centerpiece to keeping young viewers is getting 62-year-old Steven Tyler to judge.

Shockingly, some experts think “American Idol’s” ratings will suffer.

That’s the outcome of a Media Life poll over recent days about the fate of the show as its producers search about to replace Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres, who also left the show. In the minds of most Media Life readers, Cowell is “American Idol.”

Asked whether ratings will decline faster this season because of Simon’s absence, 85 percent of respondents thought they would. [Media Life]

The other 15% answered by poking the computer screen with a stick, because JESUS CHRIST. Seriously? “Hey Larry, can we get a poll on kittens? Do people really think they’re cute? Get me some numbers from girls aged six to nine.”

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