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We all remember Susan Boyle, the gnarly-looking 47-year-old cat lady who brought the house down on “Britain’s Got Talent” and became an instant Internet phenomenon last week.  Well, her 15 minutes are up, because she just got replaced by a Shaheen Jafargholi, an aborable 12-year-old comprised entirely of talent and dimples.

Of course, it’s getting impossible to watch a clip of “Britain’s Got Talent” without getting a whiff of producers steering things behind the scenes.  Shaheen starts singing an Amy Winehouse song and is doing pretty well when Simon Cowell waves off the music and — to the “shock” of the other judges — goes, “You have it all wrong! What else do you sing?”  Then, naturally, Shaheen nails a Michael Jackson song that’s a way better fit for him.

This is a real ground-breaking post for me, by the way.  A blogger complaining that a reality show isn’t real.  Did I just blow your mind or what?  You can’t get this kind of insight anywhere else.

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