Ilana Demonstrates Her Hatred Of Gum In This Latest ‘Hack Into Broad City’ Webisode

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09.23.14 3 Comments

The ladies of Broad City are back with another one of their webisodes, Hack Into Broad City, to hype up for the eventual season two premiere. In this episode Abbi cleans out the refrigerator while skyping with Ilana who is, uh, cleaning a pair of fake breasts, presumably with some sort of good explanation. That is until Abbi starts chewing a wad of gum, when we learn that Ilana has got an aversion to people chewing. All I can say to that is YOU ARE NOT ALONE, SISTER.

At my last office job there was a perfectly nice dude who ate baby carrots and/or celery at his desk every day and I would literally have to get up and walk away from my desk. My husband opened a bag of chips during True Detective one time and I almost divorced him on the spot. And gum … *full body cringe* Don’t even get me started on gum.

Right there with you, lady. If I had it my way gum would be abolished or at least taxed like tobacco products.

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